Tips To Stay Healthy

A little sanitation advise is always worth repeating.



3 Tips to Finding Your Way Through College

IMG_7481It’s been a decade since I was a full-time college student juggling school, a job, a social life and sleep. Juggling is not one of my strong suits, so the sleep and school portion of my life both suffered.

I had to work to pay rent, the car payment and put some Ramen in my pantry. And my social life — I was 21, living in a college town — that was a priority. In hindsight, perhaps I should have made a few different choices, but that’s life.

We all hear advice and we all make our own mistakes because we know a better way. But just on the chance I can provide you with the tools to make better choice, I’ve compiled three tips from a former college student on how to find your way through those formidable years. Continue reading