The Complexion of Weatherford College

Students at Weatherford College come from an array of backgrounds including first generation college students, non-traditional students returning to school later in life and students from other parts of the world who chose to travel abroad for their education. Here is some insight into The Complexion of Weatherford College. Continue reading


Traveling the path to success


Former Upward Bound student praises WC as a stepping stone to her future

Several factors aligned to set Louriann Villa on the path to success including a mother she considers a hero, the Weatherford College Upward Bound program and scholarship funds.

Villa began exploring Weatherford College her freshman year at Millsap High School.

“I was lucky enough in high school to be a part of Upward Bound through WC,” she said. “Upward Bound is a program that caters to chosen high schools and teaches future first-generation college students the ins and outs of college while on the WC campus. This program allowed me to attend a few classes on campus, and that opportunity provided me with the answer to where I wanted to begin my education.” Continue reading

WC student moves across the world and wins the World

A look into the life of the first-ever recipient of the Dixie Harrison Memorial Scholarship for outstanding technology students.

A series of challenges attempted to roadblock Tammy Sronce’s life, but she’s overcome every single one of them.

Born and raised in Perth, Australia, Sronce’s childhood was broken at the age of 4 when her father was killed by a drunk driver. She grew up amidst abuse, was kicked out home at 15, found herself in a physically abusive relationship at 17 and – due to the stress of life, work and putting herself through school – ended up anorexic and near death. Continue reading