WC continues Long-Standing Tradition of Service to Veterans


The 2013 Veterans Day event at WC.

Weatherford College has much to be proud about, and at the top of that list is a strong partnership with veterans which can be found throughout the institution’s history.

From housing returning World War II soldiers on campus in the Lanham Trailer Colony to scouting for Vietnam veterans to attend classes, WC has a long history of providing services to military students.

41 years ago, Director of Admissions Ralph Willingham was hired on at WC to take care of veterans’ needs. The following year, Willingham and others hosted a Veterans Day ceremony, a tradition that continues today. Continue reading


Registration for WC Live! ends this week

DSC_2611_croppedIn order to transition to the Weatherford College campus, new students are invited to WC Live! on Friday, Aug. 22. Students are allowed to bring up to four guests to the day-long orientation. This year’s theme, Guided Pathways to Success, is sure to steer students onto the correct path. Continue reading

Traveling the path to success


Former Upward Bound student praises WC as a stepping stone to her future

Several factors aligned to set Louriann Villa on the path to success including a mother she considers a hero, the Weatherford College Upward Bound program and scholarship funds.

Villa began exploring Weatherford College her freshman year at Millsap High School.

“I was lucky enough in high school to be a part of Upward Bound through WC,” she said. “Upward Bound is a program that caters to chosen high schools and teaches future first-generation college students the ins and outs of college while on the WC campus. This program allowed me to attend a few classes on campus, and that opportunity provided me with the answer to where I wanted to begin my education.” Continue reading

Selecting the best course load for your future

DSC_6920Scrolling through the list of available courses offered at a college trying to plan out your semester can be a daunting task. When the selection process becomes overwhelming, it’s easy to ask those around you for their advice.

Unfortunately some of the worst advice comes from the people you know best. They mean well, but often times they know only a smidge more than you do about the subject. They want to help, but taking their advice without any follow up research can result in coursework that does not fit your degree plan – a waste of your time, efforts and resources. Continue reading